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T2150-18000 mm CNC Deep Hole Drilling & Boring Machine

T2150-18000 mm CNC Deep Hole Drilling & Boring Machine

Production Characteristics

TK2150*18000 mm CNC deep hole drilling and boring machine , this machine mainly used for processing deep hole in cylindrical work-pieces , Cutter tools and cutter gun is keep rotation when feeding . The machine can achieve inner hole boring ,expand and such as roller processing. This machine has digital controller system , it’s not only processing inner hole but also for stage hole and blind holes etc

NoTechology  specification                                   Technical parameters
1Drilling holde diameter range
Φ40mm-Φ150 mm
2Borning hold diameter Φ120mm-Φ500 mmΦ120mm-Φ500 mm
3Max boring hole depth1000 mm*18000mm1000 mm*18000mm
4Workpiece clamping diameter range Φ150mm-Φ650mmΦ150mm-Φ650mm
5Machine spindle center height625mm625mm
6Rotation speed range of headstock spindle1-225r/min1-225r/min
7Spindle hole diameter of spindle boxΦ130mmΦ130mm
8Spindle front taper hole diameter Metric 140#Metric 140#
9Headstock motor power 45KW  DC motor45KW  DC motor
10Motor of drilling bar box30KW
11Spindle diameter of drilling bar box30KW
12Front tape hole diameter of drilling bar box Φ70 mm
13Speed change range of drilling bar boxΦ 85 mm 1:20
14Feeding speed range 5-30000mm/min (Stepless)Φ60-1000 r/min
15Feeding carriage plate speed3m/min5-3000 mm/min
16Feeding motor power 7.5KW3m/min
17Carriage plate speediness motor36.N.M.7.5KW
18Hydraulic pump motor power N=1.5KW36.N.M
19Rate work pressure of hydraulic system6.3MpaN=15 KW
20Cooling pump motor


(2 groups )   5.5KW (1 group)

21Rated work pressure of cooling system 2.5MpaN=7.5KW *2  5.5KW*1
22Cooling system flow300. 600. 900L/min 2.5Mpa
23CNC operation system Siemens 808 or KND CNC system300, 600, 900L/min

Machine Detail Descrtption :

TK2150*18000 mm CNC deep hole drilling and boring machine , this machine mainly used for processing deep hole in cylindrical workpieces , Cutter tools and cutter gun is keep rotation when feeding . The machine can achieve inner hole boring ,expand and such as roller processing. This machine has digital controller system , it’s not only processing inner hole but also for stage hole and blind holes etc

The headstock spindle of the machine by high power AV motor dragging and and moving , adopt high and low gear shift , stepless gear inside. The workpiece is rotating when processing , the cutter tools for feeding to the clips , the clips through grant oiler or end of the boring bar into the cutter area for cooling and lubrication and take away chips

This machine adopt the machine head with four or three jaw chuck ,grant oiler by servo top tight workpiece form,the oil -head supply can along the machine head to do the location and maintain a constant force top tight and fasten workpiece,oil -head supply and top tight work by Ac servo motor drive . with the stable and reliable performance. oil -head supply top tight machine bed through the hydraulic system to achieve ,with good stability and high precision. The oil -head supply adopt spindle structure ,with the heavy performance is greatly improved and higher rotation accuracy. Machine tool feeding by AC servo drive system to achieve and feeding stepless speed control

This CNC deep hole drilling machine  bed adopt of high quality cast iron, strong performance, the guide rail after quenching treatment with high wear resistance and good accuracy stable. All the instrument displays (CNC operation station is located in the middle of machine grant oiler ) the workpiece clampin and operation is safe, quick and stable . machine widely used in the oil cylinder, hydraulic machinery, high pressure boiler tube, petroleum, military industry, steel, electricity and aviation industries.

Machine Detail Photos

Machine Detail Workpiece